Sacramento Social Media Marketing Strategy for Local Companies

Solid Marketing Strategies Local Sacramento Internet Marketing SEO for Small Business Social Media Marketing StrategyWhat’s your Sign Handle… Claim your Social Media Property before someone else does! <tweet this>


Without a Handle… you don’t exist online! Make it easy for people to find you! <tweet this>


I need a handle, man. I don’t have an identity until I have a handle. – Joey (Hackers)  <tweet this>

So…. What’s a “Handle”?

A handle can be anything from 5-15 characters (letters & numbers only) with no spaces or special characters. Most Social Media sites call them “User Names” but in reality it is your Handle!

Here are some Examples:


The idea is to own your Handle (user name) on every Social Media site out there… that way anyone that is searching for you within Social Media can find you easily.

Choosing your handle:

Choosing the right handle for your business is VERY important. If possible, it should be your business name, however most businesses have a name longer than 15 characters.. so if that is you… be creative!

i.e.  The name of our company is “Solid Marketing Strategies” way to long for a user name… so we chose “SMSGetFound” for our Social Media Handle

It is also very very useful to have a handle that is a keyword or keyword phrase directly related to your business as this will also help your Social Media pages show up in Google Search Results.

Your Handle also needs to be easy for people to remember, so a clever name using numbers to replace words  (for = 4) can be good… again if it is easy for people to remember.

Check to see if your chosen Handle is available…

We use the site  to check 159 Social Media Websites to see if a given Handle is available. Now this is NOT all of them… but it is a really good start!

Sacramento Solid Marketing Strategies seo small business namechkSimply type in your Handle and NameCHK will tell you on what sites it is taken or not….

The next step is to see if the URL is available…

Once you have your Handle chosen, the next step is to check to see if the domain name is available. You can use a service like or some other domain registrar to check.

NOTE: Make sure the domain you buy is the .COM!  The COM is really the only one people really remember…

Although it is not the end of the world if your Social Media Handle is not available as a domain name, it is preferred!  Let’s face it, would you remember “” or “” easier??

NOTE: You do not need to build a new website on your Social Media Handle Domain, a simple redirect to your existing website will do just fine!

We just handed you the Key’s to the Kingdom! The Holy Grail of SEO!  <tweet this>

Once you have found a suitable Social Media Handle that is available on most (or all) of these 159 sites, the next step is to go and build out a complete profile on each and every one! Thus claiming your Social Media Handle!

PLUS, each profile on every site will have a place for you to put a link back to your website!!!

So why is this the “Key’s to the Kingdom” and “The Holy Grail of SEO”??  <tweet this>

Every one of the 159 Social Media websites carry a Google Page Rank of 8, 9 or 10 (a very difficult Rank to achieve!)… more than likely your website is at best a 0, 1 or 2! So for every incoming link from a high Page Rank site to your low Page Rank site, your Google “Clout” goes up…. along with your Google Search Rankings!!

Bottom line, there is no easy, fast way to do this. For most people it takes about an hour per site to build out and verify the profile… so you are looking at about 160 hours of work… but it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!

OR… we can do it for you!!

Our program builds out a total of 165 different Social Media sites including most of the sites you see on NameCHK. Our program takes 4 months to complete (as you don’t want to do too many to fast… it looks unnatural to Google and will drop your rankings rather than raise them!).

If you choose to have us do this for you, we have two payment options!

  • Option 1:      $300 per month over the 4 month period for a total of $1200
  • Option 2:      $1000 up front. Save $200!

 This is by far the MOST powerful program that we offer!

Get started today!! Call (916) 672-8581 or Contact Us


Add Live Chat to your WordPress Website | Sacramento Web Design

Solid Marketing Strategies Local Sacramento Internet Marketing SEO for Small Business Add Live Chat to your website freeAdd the power of Live Chat to your WordPress Website for FREE!
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Sacramento Web Design using WordPress and Live Chat to increase sales!
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If you are a business owner than you understand that answering a question quickly for a potential customer can make all the difference in your “bottom line”.

We are in the age of “I want it NOW!” <tweet this>

Let’s face it, we are part of the “Get it Now!” generation… and when we have a question we want it answered now… not within 24 hrs… not even within 5 min! NOW!

Well the argument could be made that people could simply pick up the phone and call with their question… and if your client base is 30+ then that is a reasonable expectation… however more and more, people want to “Text” a question and get an answer within seconds… then make their decision… and move on.

Adding Live Chat to you website can and will make a difference in your bottom line! <tweet this>

Live Chat gives you the ability to answer someones question quickly directly from your website…. and if you use the Flexytalk widget it is 100% FREE! This widget will also place a “Live Chat” page on your Facebook business page, so people can “Live Chat” with you right from your Facebook page!

But wait… There is more! The Flexytalk widget uses Gmail Chat to power your “Live Chat” so if you have Gmail set up on your phone with the Chat feature engaged.. you can Live Chat with people from your website or Facebook using your mobile phone!! SWEET!

Ok, Ok I want it… how to I make Live Chat work on my website? <tweet this>

Simple…. First, you will need to have a Gmail account. Now you can use a Google Apps Gmail account but it gets really complicated and requires changing DNS records with your web host… so if that is the way you would like to go then visit the Flexytalk website. If you already have a gmail account, then it is really easy to set up your WordPress site.

Start by logging into you WordPress Website, then go to “Plugins” – “Add New” and do a search for “Flexytalk – Live Chat” and install the widget… follow the directions… simple!

Give it a try… really it is not that difficult! But if you do have problems or just want someone to set it up for you… we can set it up for $50! give us a call at (916) 672-8581


Social Media Marketing Company | Sacramento Marketing & SEO

Solid Marketing Strategies Local Sacramento Internet Marketing SEO for Small Business Social Media StrategySacramento is HOT on Social Media
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Social Media Marketing should be a large part of your Internet Marketing Plan <tweet this>



Every day Social Media increases in popularity! <tweet this>

Facebook topped 1 Billion users in 2012 and is still growing! YouTube has 800 Million video views per day, Twitter has 500 Million active users posting daily and sites like Google+ are quickly becoming essential to your business marketing plan!

Social Media Marketing Programs are full of Scammers….  <tweet this>

Still today there are very few local businesses that take advantage of the real power of Social Media and frankly most Social Media Marketing companies go about marketing on Social Media all wrong!! Beware!

The key to Social Media is to be well…. Social! You (yes we do mean… YOU!) have to interact with the people you are connected to in order for them to pay any attention to what you are posting. If you (or the company you hire) simply posts commercials or brochures or even coupons… for the most part they will be ignored!  Any marketing should have a measurable ROI (Return On Investment), so ask your Social Media person to provide you with a report on your ROI. Most will tell you that you cannot measure the ROI of your Social Media campaign the same way you can with traditional marketing…. bottom line, you can… and WE DO!

Here at Solid Marketing Strategies we have been able to build a Social Media Marketing programs that actually increases sales!  <tweet this>


WOW what a concept…. a Social Media Marketing program that increases sales! <tweet this>

There are 100’s of Social Media Sites… what sites are best for my business?

Google+ is simply a must for every business… as Google continues to tie in programs like Google Places (Google Local Maps Listings), Google Authorship, Google+ Communities and more into Google Search, Google+ Social Media Website has become a MUST HAVE for every business.

Facebook continues to grow, however Facebook has lost the younger generation to Instagram… so Facebook has become the place to connect with Gen X and even Boomers as they start to age out.

Twitter is still a VERY powerful tool for drawing traffic to your website and is still big with Gen X and the younger crowd, so a targeted marketing program will pay off using Twitter!

Sites like LinkedIn are really good for anyone that does B2B (Business to Business) sales, or is looking to connect with other business minded people. In 2012 LinkedIn took over the online “Jobs” title from as the #1 website to advertise for new personnel.

So what sites are best for you? Contact us and we will discuss your needs and recommend the best sites for your business! All for FREE!!  Call (916) 672-8581 or Contact Us!

Here are just some of the Social Media Marketing Programs we offer…


LinkedIn Marketing | Local Sacramento Small Business SEO

Solid Marketing Strategies Local Sacramento Internet Marketing SEO for Small Business linkedin seoLinkedIn is a great place for B2B Connections, Hiring, and Networking… but SEO? <tweet this>


If you are looking around for some good advice on using LinkedIn or for that matter any social media, you will in all likelihood receive the often repeated advice to give your readers good quality content (always good advice) and treat the social media as a back link resource. Still another advice you might receive is to target blogs as the principal source for back links, because it is one of the widely held belief that readers trust blogs more than anything else for information.

[google_authorship_badge] Blogs have really become important recently with the introduction of
Google Authorship… so having your own blog in today’s world is critical to SEO! Sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn has become a priority for any SEO campaign… make sure you have a LinkedIn “Share” button on every post you do!

The fact is that LinkedIn is a highly potent social media networking site IF you spend the time to engage with people, contact people and follow up… yes sales 101 stuff… but SOOOO many people don’t do it, you have the advantage if you do! LinkedIn also has an excellent relationship with Google, so LinkedIn profiles rank quickly and very well (usually top 5 listings for your name!!)

The reach of LinkedIn is massive. But, again, what perplexes small businesses and individuals, as well as big businesses is how to get business using LinkedIn? We have the solution!

Connect with me on LinkedIn! Click HERE!

The key to success on LinkedIn is to engage with the people that spendConnect with us on Linked Intime on LinkedIn… just like any other social media website. It’s not rocket science…. it’s spending the time to read what people are posting and responding to it… simple right?

LinkedIn has also included groups as part of their social media platform, and groups can be HIGHLY effective ways to market yourself and your products or services. (Especially if you do B2B Sales!).  Bottom line, find the groups that are relevant to what you are selling and become an active member.

LinkedIn Marketing Programs:

Training Program: Only $50!
Profile Build out $100 One Time
Weekly Profile Posting $100 Monthly
Daily Profile Posting* $300 Monthly
Weekly Posting +1 Group $150 Monthly
Daily Posting +1 Group $500 Monthly
Add more groups (weekly Program) $25 each monthly
Add more groups (daily Program) $100 each monthly

*M-F only

Bottom Line: LinkedIn profiles rank very well in Google, so if you are not taking advantage of your LinkedIn profile… shame on you! <tweet this>

Call us Today to get started!  (916) 672-8581


Facebook Marketing | Sacramento Small Business Marketing

Solid Marketing Strategies Local Sacramento Internet Marketing SEO for Small Business Facebook marketingFacebook Marketing for Sacramento Small Business <tweet this>


Most Sacramento Businesses that have a Facebook page NEVER get any business from it!! <tweet this>



If you don’t get business from Facebook your doing it wrong! <tweet this>

Chances are you already have a Personal Facebook profile… and you should! However you should also have a Facebook Business page as well. Profiles and pages are very different. On your profile, you are trying to “Friend” as many of your customers as you can… Yes your customers! Let’s face it, people like doing business with people… so your “Personal” Facebook profile under your name should be for your business and you should be asking every single one of your customers to become friends on Facebook AND to “Like” your business page.

NOTE: If you still want a personal Facebook page for your “Real” friends, create a new profile page using a secondary email address and invite your friends to it.  If your friends are anything like mine, you definitely do not want them on your business profile.

The secret to Facebook is personal interaction and engagement and that needs to come from YOU the business owner. Facebook more than any other Social Media site is all about interaction with people you know.  So you really need to do this yourself to make it effective. Think of it this way, when a customer comes into your business and you personally greet them and have a conversation with them, it leaves a lasting impression…. so does continuing that conversation on Facebook. This is VERY powerful when done correctly.  Not sure how to make this happen…. we offer training for as little as $50!

Having said all of that (and we mean it!!) We still do offer a Facebook marketing plan where we post specials, funnies and local news that is topical to start conversations for you. This in no way lets you off the hook for doing your part, but we are there to help you along the way.

Need help setting up your Facebook Profile or Business page? We can do it for you for only $50 each! AND our Facebook marketing programs start at just $100 per month! Call today to get started (916) 672-8581  [follow_me]